Frequently Asked Questions

  • I just paid for module - when I will get it?
    It means that I have just received email from PayPal that You did it. After payment You should be redirected back to my page and module would be downloaded but if something went wrong please contact me by email. Remember that I live in CEST time zone (currently it's 05:44 pm).
  • How to install Magento module?
    0. Remember to always backup Your data before any Magento modifications!
    1. Disable compilation if is enabled - System -> Tools -> Compilation
    2. Disable all caches - System -> Cache Management
    3. Copy module files to Your installation - You can just copy module with it's own folders structure to main folder of Your installation
    4. Configure module
    5. Refresh Magento cache and enable it
    6. Re-run compilation process and enable it if need

    If You don't want to do all this points, You can always buy paid installation service from me.
  • How to disable module permanently?
    To be sure that module is not used by Magento You have to delete or rename file extension within /app/etc/modules/ folder with name of module (for example JRD_TranslateUrl.xml). You can also open such file and change line like <active>true</active> to <active>false</active>. Remember that it will only prevent Magento from using this module but all changes made by module installer will be not reversed!
  • How to review module?
    Please use Magento Connect reviews for it. You can click on "Reviews" link in this page menu, search for module and review it there.
  • I need Your module but a bit modified. What can I do?
    You can modify it at Your own - if You know how (it's allowed within license). But You can also ask me before payment for Your needs - I will tell You how much it would cost.
  • I have another question to You.
    Feel free to contact me by contact page.